Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Rainforest Holding On Resolutely To The Colour Green and A Secret Land With Very Comfortable Chairs

Hello gracious readership,
It has been some time since I actually wrote something that wasn't either a quote or an angst ridden blathering, so perhaps I should just talk about somethings which have been significant in this life o' mine.
Last week Thursday I walked to school for the first time. It takes about an hour, but it is a pleasant hour. The only thing separating my house from the Regent campus is a large west coast rainforest which, I was surprised to find out, holds on resolutely to the colour green, even on February 1st. So through the woods and forest glades I wandered, and heard the birds sing sweetly in the trees. There was no looking down from lofty mountain grandeur but my sentiment remained: "My God! How Great Thou Art." When I left the house that morning a thick fog hung just over the rooftops and slipped in and out of the tree tops. As the sun began to rise, the fog thinned and became shot through with sunlight. Why can't all days begin this way?
Also last week the new Regent Library opened. It is where I currently find myself and have often found myself lately. It is a wonderful place. Under the ground it is, so that we students feel like ants or rabbits scurrying about our work in a secret land as the rest of the world walks idly on. A secret land with very comfortable chairs. Chairs conducive to speed reading the Church Fathers. In the two hours before I plunked myself down here I rattled off 40 pages of the mystical writings of Gregory of Nyssa, the great Cappadocian Father, a giant in early Eastern Orthodox theology. What it was about? Haven't a clue. But I have to read 50 more pages of him and 50 more of some other dude and write responses for both before going to sleep tonight. So. Doesn't sound so impressive anymore. In fact, I should get out of here. Go home. Eat something. Then read, read, read, watch Seinfeld, and read some more. And then write. And then sleep.
And there you have it. Good night.