Monday, February 27, 2006

Be ye neither touter nor importunist

[This is a picture Dave Bruinsma took while in Cornwall, England posted for your amusement.] don't even think of it.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

City Bus Muss the Second

[OK, I wasn't actually on the bus when this happened, but I think if I wasn't a bus rider this wouldn't be a muss (see definition below)]

An old man on one of those fancy motorized old people scooters, racing down Kennedy St., towing a wheelchair which carried his wife who was wearing an orange and yellow reflective vest.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

City Bus Muss the First

On the sidewalk stand two middle aged native men with huge fluorescent pink sacks at their feet, getting out their bus fare.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Come on guys....guys?

When you were little did the following ever happen to you: You are hanging out with a friend and all of a sudden you have a strong desire to have contest of one sort or another with that person. It could be running down the sidewalk or seeing how many peas you could suck through your nose. Did it ever happen to you that you would dive into the contest with full enthusiasm and look over only to find your friend either calmly strolling behind you or eating their peas with a fork? Remember what that felt like?

It seems to me that Christianity is in the same situation. For a long time Christians have been competing with whatever the latest heresy happens to be. Creationism vs. Evolutionism being a good example. It seems to me that with the postmodern movement artists, philosophers, and their disciples have just said "Fuck it. I'm just not racing anymore." And then Christianity is left on the track, wanting to race but with no one to compete with. Here's Christianity doing all the training for a race which no one wants to run anymore. In much of the apologetic exercise today we're getting ready for a race, while the philosophers are sitting on the couch eating nachoes. We're trying to prove something and the problem is not that people disagree, they just don't give a fuck. So what are we supposed to do now? The most disturbing reaction Christians face today is not, "I disagree". It's "I don't care" or "I don't give a fuck" which will probably upset some people but which I think sums up well the attitude of most people today.
So what are we to do? My short answer is to stop trying to convince people and just start loving them. People aren't sitting there reasoning with themselves about which religion to pick. They're hurting, they're suffering, they need Jesus, but not in the way we think that they need Jesus in their hearts so that they don't have to go to hell. They're hurting and they need to be shown the one man who once and for all showed us what it means to truly live.

Monday, February 13, 2006


I just finished playing a game of Balderdash with some really good friends. I seriously haven't laughed that hard in far too long. I think it is necessary that some of the definitions be published here so that I don't forget them (* = correct definition):

  1. a Shakesperean expression meaning "turn out" as in "how will this fadge?"
  2. goat entrails
  3. a disease symptomatic of lesions and boils that form in the arm and elbow pits
  4. what one says when all of their creative powers have left them

  1. the title given to the second-highest ranked sumo wrestler
  2. * one followed by 45 zeros: a Buddhist type of counting
  3. a vietnamese wine, with a hint of bamboo
  4. the cloud of dust that rises when you flop down onto an old couch

  1. * one who steals cows to make a living
  2. a decorative headpiece worn by a show pony
  3. any leftovers that taste better than the original meal

  1. a fruitless vine
  2. one who is obsessed with buttons and zippers

  1. * anyone or anything that lasts all night

  1. * to shuffle about in sloppy old shoes
  2. the exclamation of surprise at finding something
  3. a disagreement resulting in mussed up hair and sometimes ripped shirts
  4. to put out a match by a shake or wag of the arm
  5. to have one's mustache blown by the wind

Perhaps you don't find these all that funny...I don't care, they were at the time and that's all that's important. In conclusion, you should play Balderdash more often.

And by the way, I won.

Friday, February 10, 2006

To WestJet, with Love

Boy, I love flying with WestJet. I just did this morning. Got up at an ungodly hour after going to bed at an even more ungodly hour. But those WestJet people are just so great. There is life in WestJet. Here's why. It's because in all the scripted rule-following that is airline travel these days, WestJet allows some sort of spontenaity in their following of these rules. Attendants are allowed to joke around and make mistakes when they are talking about the safely features. Somehow this makes me feel more safe. Like how a person who can take being made fun of a little is somehow more real and trustworthy or something like that. Anyways, it warmed my heart that in the paranoid North American world, we can have people who know the rules and follow them, but allow life to come in and dance a little jig every once in a while.

When I fly with WestJet I feel like a person. True, I still have to pay for earphones and anything more than the equivalent of 3 pretzels, but at least its fun and that's how airline travel should be. Never lose the wonder and excitement that comes with being able to fly, even if you are flying in a rather sanitized environment....

Also, thumbs up for facilitating a tight transfer in Calgary. After a fiercely delayed flight out of Winnipeg, I was anticipating missing my connecting flight to Edmonton and having my much needed vacation put on hold indefinately, but instead everything went rather smoothly and I did make my flight here to Edmonton. So thank you WestJet, even though you are big and corporate and probably doing some irrepairable damage somewhere to someone, you do a good job and that's all we really want, isn't it?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Don't you hate it when you feel like you should write and you try and it's like your brain completely empties. I'm leaving for Edmonton on Friday for a much anticipated weekend trip/reunion frenzy. I feel like it would be responsible of me, being a new blogger and trying to get off on the right foot, to say something profound about old friends and travelling, but I seriously can't come up with anything. I even tried a haiku. Nothing. Empty brain. I guess I should just go to bed. Good night.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Me trying to figure out why the hell I thought I should start a blog

I have something of a dubious relationship to writing. On the one hand I've been told by a couple people that I can do it and I do really enjoy rereading what I've written, call me a narcissist if you want. But then on the other hand I often find myself really intimidated by the really good writers out there, thinking that I don't really have anything all that brilliant to add. A lot of times when I'm writing I feel something like an 11-year-old leaning up against the fence beside his dad and trying to get his elbows up on the edge to look like a grown-up, but having to be content with just resting his chin on the wood because that's as high as I can reach. At least I can still see over...

But nevertheless, I figured it might be fun to get on this blogging bandwagon. If anything it will be a good exercise for myself. I kept a journal all through grade 12, perhaps this will end up as just a personal journal that I can look back on one day. Look back and wonder how I ever made it through.

I have entitled this blog 'stabs in the dark', the same title I used for my old King's Chronicle column. That's often what I feel like I'm doing when I write. There is far more darkness out there than I'd often like to admit, far too much that I haven't a clue about, but every once in a while I see a flash of light or hear the shuffling of feet. It is these unnothingnesses that I'd like to try to describe. My mind tends to wander uncontrollably, so I'm sure this blog will act accordingly. Enjoy.